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Introducing Easy Fountain home delivery

Make sales even easier with Easy Fountain home delivery! 

A huge range of water features can now be bought in store, then delivered directly to your customer’s home by Easy Fountain. You handle the sale; we’ll take care of delivery. 

The new home delivery service means retailers can sell the entire Easy Fountain range from the very smallest of display footprints.  

Selling Easy Fountain water features is the easiest it’s ever been – thanks to a simple customer journey, range extension for every store, and delivery straight to home.  

Simple customer journey promoting sales 

Using your selection of point of sale, show customers that 48 Easy Fountain lines are now available for purchase in store. 

The branded POS is designed to fit display areas of any size. Here’s what’s now available: 

  • Strut cards 
  • Product cards with individual features, benefits and running costs 
  • Small lifestyle display with backdrop and product feature 
  • Large lifestyle display with extended backdrop and product features 

Extended range available everywhere  

With the right POS in place, retailers offer an extended range of water features to garden lovers – with no outlay required.  

This way, it’s possible to increase basket spend cost-free, taking the transaction through the till as normal and letting Easy Fountain do the rest by making delivery to the customer’s home.  

Delivery straight to home 

Using the home delivery service makes fulfilment simple for retailers and customers alike.  

Here’s how the process looks: 

  1. Customer chooses their Easy Fountain product using in-store point of sale 
  1. Customer heads to the till to make payment 
  1. Retailer sends the order to Easy Fountain 
  1. Easy Fountain delivers to home within 10 working days 

Home delivery is available now. To secure your home delivery point of sale, get in touch with your sales manager today

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