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Stylish serenity with favourite stone-look water features 

Stone effect water features are a fantastic way to add a touch of serenity to an outdoor space – they create a calming effect, look great and even provide a water source for wildlife. Help gardeners to make the most of their space this season with three stunning features – Sparkling Bowls, Cambrian Monolith and Lioness Fountain.  

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Contemporary – Sparkling Bowls 

Sparkling Bowls is a modern stone effect waterfall feature: water ripples gently down the rockface, creating a pleasing sound effect in the garden. LED lights add character to the feature, allowing it to come alive at night. Place Sparkling Bowls on the patio to add a stylish touch to the space.  

Versatile – Cambrian Monolith 

Stone effect water features blend into natural gardens wonderfully. Thanks to a 10m cable, Cambrian Monolith can be placed wherever works best – such as amongst flower beds or next to a seating area. Sparkling Bowls is self-contained, adding even more flexibility to placement. Setup is complete in five steps once the location has been agreed. 

Energy efficient – Lioness Fountain  

Stone effect water features don’t have to cost the earth to run. Lioness Fountain is a grand water feature that becomes a beautiful focal point for any garden. This water feature is luxurious without the price tag – with Easy Fountain’s free energy calculator, gardeners can get an understanding of running costs before they purchase.  

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