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Water feature care made easy: our top tips 

Water feature care is important – just a few easy tasks will help to keep water features in tip-top condition and increase the longevity of the product.  

Help shoppers keep their water features sparkling with our top tips: control algae, replace lights and use a cover. Contact your usual sales manager to place an accessories order, or if you have questions about aftercare, contact us here

Regular maintenance  

Keeping algae at bay will keep water fresh and reduce the risk of pump damage. Encourage customers to regularly clean their water fountains for optimal performance.  

We offer a range of wildlife-friendly water feature care products: 

Customers should always isolate the electrical supply before cleaning. Download instruction manuals via the Easy Fountain free Trade Portal

Replace lights  

The LED lights supplied with Easy Fountain water features provide up to 20,000 hours of enjoyment, but sometimes things can go wrong. Flickering lights are caused by a build-up of algae and limescale – if this happens, don’t worry – the lights can be easily replaced.  

Add LED lighting kits to your water feature care section for shoppers looking to keep the ambience in their garden.   

Use a cover  

Keeping water features covered when they’re not in use is a smart step to protecting it from the elements. Covers are particularly useful throughout winter – where they protect the product from harsh weather conditions. 

Easy Fountain covers are fully lined and come with a drawstring lock system. Showcase covers next to your Easy Fountain display, encouraging customers to practice good water feature care – and increasing the total spend at your till.  

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