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Summer garden gifting with Easy Fountain 

Water features make a thoughtful gift: they look great, sound even better and encourage the recipient to enjoy a moment of tranquillity in their outdoor space. Here are 3 water features that we know your shoppers will love to gift onwards: Coastal Sleepers, Playful Otters and Forest Fern.  

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Water features for style seekers 

Stylish and serene, Coastal Sleepers is a traditional water feature that makes a fantastic gift. When settled in amongst a bed of flowers or ferns, Coastal Sleepers creates a calming scene. Built in LED lights illuminate the area at night time, creating a wonderful focal point. 

Water features for animal lovers  

Playful Otters is a whimsical water feature that captures the activity of otters perfectly and would sit beautifully in a cottage garden. This self-contained water feature is made from resin stone, showing detail and features clearly. Gift recipients can enjoy the gentle sound of water as the otters play. LED lighting brings the feature to life in the evening. 

Water features for nature obsessed  

With its charming rustic design, Forest Fern is a beautiful self-contained fountain that is inspired by the organic beauty of trees and the wilderness. From alpine garden to beds of wildflowers, Forest Fern will turn the desired area into an oasis. Built in LED lighting creates a stunning visual effect at nighttime.  

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