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Water feature installation in 3 easy steps 

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Adding a water feature is a great way to bring a calming atmosphere to the garden. Help customers continue the good vibes and enjoy their new water fountain with ease with 3 water feature installation tips: prepare the space, unpack with care, and read the manual. 

Go a step further and have assembly instructions to hand using Easy Fountain’s trade portal. Register for your free instruction manual library today!  

Prepare the space  

An ideal spot for a water feature is a quiet area of the garden amongst plants and shrubbery, taking care to avoid walkways, grassy areas that need regular cutting. Encourage shoppers to choose a tranquil spot in the garden that doesn’t see too much traffic for maximum enjoyment. 

Unpack with care 

Before water feature installation, gardeners should unpack their product on a flat surface to avoid scratching. They should also check the packaging for all the parts before it’s disposed of, and confirm they have the correct parts via the instruction manual.  

Read the manual  

Every Easy Fountain product is accompanied by an instruction manual – shoppers will find a parts list, assembly instructions and even troubleshooting and support information. It’s also a handy place to keep proof of purchase in case it’s needed in the future.  

Did you know that garden retailers have access to a wide range of instruction manuals via Easy Fountain’s trade portal? Register for your free account today. 

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