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Water features for Sanctuary Seekers

Sanctuary Seekers are big news. At Glee back in June, we saw garden and outdoor living trends presented by Madeleine Ritchie from Trend Bible.

She introduced us to Sanctuary Seekers as a consumer identity to watch for the upcoming season. Next year, the Sanctuary Seeker will be looking to retailers to help them find the perfect products.

So, what is a Sanctuary Seeker and what will they be looking for in 2024?

Outdoor shoppers seeking sanctuary

Sanctuary Seeker is the profile capturing the essence of a particular group of customers, created to help us better understand and serve them.

Sanctuary Seekers are interested in holistic health and are looking for stress reduction. Their tastes are curated; they favour the homegrown and they’re looking for pleasure.

When it comes to the garden, Sanctuary Seekers are looking for soft lighting, calming sounds, stone or earthenware materials and simple, effective design.

Think Cambrian Monolith with its worn-down stone effect and gently babbling brook; Amber Falls with top-down water flow over a simple ribbed column; and Kiso Column with its calming central trickle and stone effect sculpture.

Other designs ideal for Sanctuary Seekers could include Snowdonia Monolith inspired by natural stone; Oasis with its peaceful blend of light, sound and movement; and Spiral Showers thanks to its continuous curtain of glistening water.

Retailers can place an order today to secure stock for 2024 – simply get in touch with your usual sales manager to let them know what you need.

Don’t forget, our merchandising service is available with all orders and our team will be happy to unload, construct and arrange an inspiring display fit for Sanctuary Seekers around the UK.

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