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Welcome to Easy Fountain!

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Welcome to Easy Fountain!

We’re delighted to announce that AMES Companies water features are now exclusively available under the Easy Fountain brand.

You can now find the water features your customers know and love here on the Easy Fountain website, while outdoor cooking and heating expertise can be found at La Hacienda.

Why have water features moved from La Hacienda to Easy Fountain?

AMES Companies water features were previously available on the La Hacienda website but now they are exclusively available here under the Easy Fountain brand.

Here on the dedicated Easy Fountain site, you can find Easy Fountain water feature products under familiar categories: Modern, Distinctive, Natural, Traditional, Impressions and Accessories & Aftercare.

If you have trouble finding anything and would like assistance, do get in touch.

What does the move to Easy Fountain mean?

Here on the Easy Fountain site, water feature products now sit entirely under the Easy Fountain brand. In the move, some lines have been discontinued and other new lines added.

We’re excited to take Easy Fountain into 2024 with 8 new additions to the range!

With the Easy Fountain range in its own space, it’s easier for our retailers to find, shop and order the items their customers need and want.

Streamlining our products into more defined spaces allows us to provide a straightforward customer service from order to delivery – that’s really important to us.

What changes if I’m a La Hacienda retailer?

Nothing changes for La Hacienda retailers.

You can still place water feature orders through your AMES Companies sales manager by contacting them directly or by reaching out here.

If you’re not a water features retailer yet, we’d love to welcome you – it’s easy to get started today.

How do I connect with Easy Fountain?

News and products will always be posted here on the website first.

You can connect with Easy Fountain on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest news, offers and behind the scenes from the AMES Companies where there’s a lot going on.

We also encourage you to sign up to the Easy Fountain mailing list by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this page, and typing your email address in the box on the right hand side. Then click sign up.

Do you have any questions about the move to Easy Fountain? Please get in touch with your regular sales manager or contact the AMES Companies Easy Fountain team here.