Do you want to know how much energy a water feature uses? Use the free Easy Fountain  energy calculator to figure out how much it will cost to run. Our energy-efficient water features are cheaper than you think. Almost every water feature in our range is low wattage and self-contained, so they use minimal power without any loss of performance.

How to use the energy calculator?

Use the drop-down menu to pick the product you want to know the running cost for. Enter the number of hours and it will tell you how much it costs to run.


All electricity costs are calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (Oct 2022) electricity rate of £0.34 per kWh.

Our range of water features are self-contained, where the water is held within the feature itself. They each have a pump that recirculates the water. Self-contained water features are the most affordable and practical water features that look great without compromising on the overall effect.

Our water features are easy to set up due to being plugged into the mains outlet. Plug-and-play technology means no electrical or plumbing work is required. All our water features are self-contained – where the water is held within the feature itself – and have plug-and-play technology so no electrical or plumbing work is required. Remember to always isolate the electricity supply to the pump before cleaning or adjusting the flow rate.

No, just make sure you keep your receipt somewhere safe as we will ask to see a copy of it for a claim under the one-year warranty.

Easy Fountain is a trade-only company and does not sell products directly to the general public. Our products are available from many garden centres and online retailers, and you can use our helpful find a stockist page to find a stockist local to you.

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