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How much does it cost to run a water feature?

The cost to run a water feature is usually low, but it’s easy to work out the approximate cost using the Easy Fountain energy calculator.

How do you work out how much power a water feature needs?

You can use the Easy Fountain energy calculator to work out how much power your fountain will use.

Simply select a water feature from the drop down list and input roughly the number of hours’ usage to see how much it will cost to run.

You could, for example, work out how much it costs to run a water feature only during the day, versus leaving it on for 24 hours a day.

We base our calculation on individual water feature pump wattage using a rate of £0.34 KWH rate.

This amount reflects current energy prices and if things change, we’ll update our calculator for accuracy.

Do water features need electricity?

Water features need electricity to power the pump that moves water around. The strength of the pump is directly related to the amount of electricity used: the stronger the pump, the more power needed.

Easy Fountain water features are designed to be plug and play: plug it in to the power supply, fill it up with water and it’s ready to go thanks to the included recirculating pump.

Do water features need plumbing?

Easy Fountain water features don’t need plumbing. Each design comes with a recirculating pump so you can top up the water and switch it on with no need to connect to a water supply.

From time to time, you might want to top up the water or give the fountain a clean, then fill up with entirely fresh water.

How to reduce the cost of a water feature

Easy Fountain water features are cheap to run but it’s possible to reduce the cost of running a fountain by putting it on a timer.

Use a plug timer to send power to the water feature only during the times when people are around to enjoy it.

Keeping a water feature clean with clear water will also extend the life of the pump system, avoiding the cost of replacement.

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